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Winter Survival Tips

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Winter, why ya gotta be so cold!? Does anyone else find that January and February can be the longest months ever? The holidays are over, I am so anxious for spring and warm sunshine, and we’re stuck in the dead of winter. For what seems like forever. As I write this it’s currently snowy outside with a wind chill of -17. Not cool, winter. Not only is it freezing outside, but it’s a constant battle trying to stay healthy….and sane. Lol! I had posted a poll on Instagram Stories if you all wanted me to share some of my winter survival tips, and it was a 100% “Yes, save me!” response. I thought that was too funny, haha! At least I’m not the only one struggling through winter this year. So today I am here to share a few winter survival tips that have helped me get through long winter days!

1. Purchase yourself a humidifier for your room if you don’t already have one!! This is seriously my number one tip. When it feels like Antarctica outside, my first instinct is to crank up the heat inside to 85, but all that heat can make your house SO.DRY. Earlier this month my mom and little sister got pretty sick with bad coughs, and both ended up getting humidifiers in their rooms to help combat the dryness and make it easier to breathe/less coughing, and it made a world of difference! I ended up getting one for my room too and I can’t live without it now. Especially at night. I leave it running while I’m sleeping, and wake up feeling much more refreshed, whereas before I would wake up feeling so incredibly dryed out. Humidifiers can also help you stay healthy during these dry months, as viruses don’t travel well in air that is moist. I use this one from Target!

2. Use an essential oil diffuser. If you aren’t already familiar with all of the benefits and uses for essentials oils, you could read endless articles about them! There are a million and one ways to use essential oils, whether it’s diffusing them, consuming them, for health benefits/treatments, etc. I purchased this diffuser for my room, and have really enjoyed finding new oils/blends to diffuse! It’s also such a cute little diffuser and it’s on sale for only $30! It has time adjustment settings and different light settings which are great for at night while you’re sleeping. I wanted to quickly share a few of the oils I’ve been using lately. I haven’t even begun to really get into all the different oils/blends and all of their uses, but these are 3 that I love to keep it simple for you!

Peppermint. Not only is it a refreshing and soothing scent to diffuse, but it also has great health benefits. It can help with concentration, respiratory relief, headaches, nausea, muscle/joint pain and many others. This is always my go-to whenever I come down with the dreaded stomach bug, as it can greatly help with nausea and makes such a difference for me! It’s also what my mom diffused to help with her bronchitis. PS- I am no expert by any means (haha!), so always be careful when wanting to topically apply or consume essential oils. Here is an interesting article about all of the different uses if you’re interested!

Gentle Baby. I had seen a lot of people talking about this oil on Instagram/blogs, and got it in my stocking for Christmas to try out! While I may not be a mom, this is still such a soft and calming oil to diffuse! Not only do I love the gentle scent, but it’s also very calming and great if you have stress. I like to diffuse this one while I’m sleeping or working!

Thieves. This is one that my sister got and we’ve been trying it out. We had heard of so many people that swear by it when it comes to supporting your immune system and keeping germs at bay. There is actually a super interesting story behind this oil that you can read here! This oil can be used for immune health, killing germs, and I’ve even seen Thieves cough drops and home cleaners/disinfectants.

3. Silk sleep mask/pillowcase. I’ve recently started using these and they really are so helpful, especially during the winter! Silk pillowcases/sleep masks are used for anti-aging, avoiding creases/wrinkles, and are great for your hair and skin. They keep your hair silky and not tangled, and don’t absorb your hair and face products or moisture. All of these benefits are especially helpful during the winter when things are already extra dry and there is so much static!

4. Face and Body Moisturizers. This one is an obvious tip during the winter, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites!

– For my lips the two main products I use are Aquaphor and Lanolips. I am sure many of you have used Aquaphor before, and it’s a product that I always have to have on hand! Not only is it one of the best moisturizers for your lips, but it also can be used a bunch of other ways. You can use it for minor burns/irritations, it’s the best thing to use when you get those painful cracks in your hands/feet, or under your nose when you have a cold and your nose burns from using so many tissues! Lanolips is another lip product that I’m sure you’ve heard me mention on Instagram before. The lanolin is so wonderful for hydration and leaves my lips feeling so smooth! I also love the banana and lemonade flavors, haha!

– Body Lotion. I love the Kiehl’s Creme de Corps for my whole body, and this Gold Bond healing cream is without a doubt the best hand lotion I’ve ever tried. It’s also pretty inexpensive and you can purchase it just about anywhere. I am pretty picky about my lotions, and can’t stand when I put hand lotion on and it leaves my hands feeling greasy or sticky. I end up washing it right off, haha! I also hate when I put lotion on, and it doesn’t seem to soak in and get rid of the dryness. This Gold Bond lotion is for real the only lotion that I will use on my hands, as it soaks right in, leaves them feeling so soft and smooth, and it feels like there’s nothing there once you rub it in!

– For my face there are three products that I’ve currently been using a lot. Let me start out with saying that my skin has not been reacting well to the cold this year for some reason. You may have heard me mention on IG Stories, but I’ve been getting these horrible dry, red patches on my face. They tend to burn and puff up, and get worse anytime I go outside into the cold. Awesome, right? Haha. I have tried SO many products and have found these few to work the best. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray is one of my favorites. I spray it on generously throughout the day and before I go to bed, and can even be used to set your makeup. It’s so refreshing and soothing. This Kiehl’s Deep Moisturizing Balm has also helped save my face. It had great reviews from people who live in the Northeast with brutal winters. If you have super dry skin, I would check this product out! Just like it’s called, it really has helped to deep moisturize my dry patches. The one other product that has drastically helped is Eucerin Eczema relief cream. This is another drugstore product that’s easy to find, and has really helped reduce the redness and irritation on my face.

5. Find good books to read! I absolutely love reading, especially mysteries and psychological thrillers, and I always reach for a book when I’m stuck inside on long winter days. I feel much better when I’ve passed a few hours reading, rather than staring at my phone or computer screen. If you’re looking for book ideas and like some of the same types of books I do, I shared a book review here

6.  DRINK WATER! This has never been a struggle for me as water is about all I drink. You may not know this about me, but I HATE soda. Actually both my sisters and I do, so weird, I know! I drink juice and a few other things here and there, but on average drink well over 100oz. of water a day. I think the recommended amount is about an ounce for every pound you weigh. I know some people don’t enjoy drinking water, but I promise you will notice the benefits especially during the winter! It helps flush toxins and boosts your immunity, helps with your skin and hair, prevents headaches, hydration (of course), etc. All the things you need a little extra help with in the winter. Try adding lemon or fruit if you need some extra encouragement!

My last and final survival tip? Give up on winter and move to the beach. HA! For real, though.

Sorry that this post turned out so long, but I truly hope that you find some of these tips helpful!! Winter can be a long haul, so if you have any winter survival tips, please share them below with everyone! Xo, Rachel

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