Friday, March 31, 2017

20 Fun Facts About Me

20 fun facts about me rachel puccetti between two coasts

Happy Friday, friends! Today I wanted to switch things up a bit and get a little more personal by sharing 20 fun facts about me! There are a lot of new faces around here, and I am SO thankful for each and every one of you. I wish I could sit down and chat with all of you, and I hope that this will always be a fun place for you all to stop by, even if just for five minutes of your day, or just to say hi! I seriously LOVE hearing from you guys, whether it’s a comment or a question! So, without further ado…

1. I am the middle of 3 girls. I’m 21. My little sister, Piper, is 13, and my older sister, Ariel, is 25.

2. I have a lot of favorite movies, but my top 3 are definitely ‘The Holiday’, ‘The Parent Trap’, and ‘The Other Woman’ (currently watching it as I write this!)

3. I have two Cavalier King Charles, Lola and Ruby.

4. I’m terrified of spiders! Like heart racing, probably sweating, definitely running in the other direction kind of scared!

5. I am a tad bit addicted to lipstick! Some might call it hoarding, I call it collecting, ha!

6. I am currently planning for my first trip out of the country…Paris for two weeks at the end of May!

7. 3 things that I absolutely despise: wind, static, and dust (totally ridiculous, I know)

8. 2 things that I absolutely love: handbags and shoes

9. I’m currently not in a relationship #singleforlife

10. Current favorite Starbucks order: the ‘pink drink’, or the coconut milk mocha macchiatto!

11. I make a mean guacamole!

12. Confession: I’m a foodie. I love snacks and have a total sweet tooth! Crackers, candy, donuts, ice cream. You name it, I probably love it. I was notorious for always having a stash on hand when I was little, and let’s just say…not much has changed!

13. I’m a total night owl. The morning and I are not friends, but we’re working on it.

14. I come from a military family (my dad is a retired Marine) I was born in Virginia, moved to Maryland, then to Kansas, back to Maryland, and here I am back in Kansas ever since!

15. My favorite meal is a cheeseburger, fries, and milkshake.

16. My all time favorite tv series is ‘Gossip Girl’

17. The gym and I have a love/hate relationship, but I always go (refer back to fact #12, lol). I enjoy running the most!

18. I want to live in Hawaii. So I’m sure you could guess how much I love ‘Moana’ right now!

19. I wear clip-in hair extensions and absolutely loovee them!!

20. My Chic-Fil-A order is the classic nuggets, fries, and cookies ‘n cream milkshake.

And that’s all for now! I hope that gave you a fun little glimpse on a little bit more about me, and now it’s your turn! Share a fun fact about yourself in the comments below so that I can get to know all of YOU! Enjoy your weekend, loves!

Xo, Rach


  1. I love this post. Could you share why you picked your handbags and what you carry in them? Also what hair extensions you use and how you wear them.

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