Monday, January 16, 2017

Fashionphile- Tips For Buying Designer Handbags

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Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. For today’s post I wanted to share something a little different, and talk about my tips for buying designer handbags. A pretty new handbag is without a doubt, my guilty pleasure! I seriously can’t take my eyes off of them, and quite literally probably look like the heart-eye emoji! It’s safe to say…I’m in trouble when I head to Paris in May. As we all know too well though, that that beautiful handbag can come with a hefty price tag, which is where my new favorite website comes into play–Fashionphile. If I don’t find my handbags on an amazing sale at one of my favorite department stores, than Fashionphile is one of the ways that I can afford to buy those designer handbags that I just love so much! They are a premium destination for pre-owned and vintage luxury handbags, jewelry and accessories (a.k.a.-my happy place, lol!) I wanted to share a few key points as to why I can’t recommend Fashionphile highly enough…

1. You can find that dream handbag at an amazing price!

2. They offer a layaway option. To me, this is the BEST feature of Fashionphile. You simply make a 25% down payment on your bag, and then have 60 days to pay off the remaining balance. This feature couldn’t be easier and is what makes it possible to afford that dream bag! Sometimes you might be saving for that bag you’ve had your eye on, only to find that it’s gone when you’re ready to buy, but with this layaway option, that bag is put on hold for you for the remaining 60 days, and can’t be purchased by anyone else. Amazing, right!?

3. You know with 100% certainty that everything on Fashionphile is authentic. With other websites, it’s hard to be absolutely sure sometimes.

4. The website couldn’t be easier to use, and the customer service is fantastic!

5. They have a new item and discount alert feature. Their inventory is updated pretty frequently, so if you’re on the hunt for a certain bag, but don’t see it at the time, don’t worry! There’s a good chance it will be available within days, and you can set up a personalized alert to know within the hour when that item is available on the site! Similarly, you can create an alert for a certain item to be notified within the hour when it has been discounted! Yet another great feature to help you afford what you’re looking for.

6. You can also sell on Fashionphile, I have not yet sold anything here yet, but it will be my first stop in the future if I do. The process seems the quickest and easiest out of any other selling options I’ve seen, and I would trust that I’d be getting the best price for my item!

7. The items are pre-owned, but many of them are in like-new condition or appear to be barely used. The detailed item pictures are fantastic, so you know for sure the condition and the price you’re paying for it. The item descriptions also let you know exactly what you’re getting/what’s included (crossbody strap, dust bag, etc.) I bought my Prada Double Bag (shown above) that I am obsessed with from Fashionphile, and I have yet to find a single thing wrong with it…it looks brand new!

Like I said, I highly recommend checking them out if you are in the market for a designer handbag, especially if you’re on the fence about the price and don’t want to break the bank! P.S.- this post is not sponsored, I just seriously love it that much, and was really hoping it would help some of you out! Please let me know if you have ANY questions! I’d love to chat!

XO, Rachel

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