Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cozy Coat and Boots

cozy coat and boots rachel puccetti between two coasts see by chloe shearling boots rachel puccetti between two coasts zella coat nordstrom rachel puccetti between two coasts winter outfit inspiration cozy coat rachel puccettiCoat: Zella, Boots: See by Chloé, Bag: Chanel, Hat: Free People, Lips: Lipstick- Brave

During the winter it can be hard to look cute and cozy when things outside are so not cute, ha! Everything is grey and blah, and currently covered in salt and slush, so sometimes the struggle is REAL when it comes to getting dressed. Lately I’ve been opting for anything that is soft and relaxed yet still looks put together. Plus lots of layers and warm accessories/shoes to make these frigid temps somewhat bearable (if that’s even possible!) Today’s post is all about this cozy coat and boots! My recent favorite combo. Last week I shared an athleisure look for the new year (see post here!) featuring this cozy coat! It’s one of my most recent finds and I just can’t get enough of it! I mentioned in the previous post that it’s one of those pieces that will get your from gym to street, and can be styled multiple different ways! Today I wanted to share how I styled it a second way for a cute, effortless, everyday look for the winter!

I was immediately drawn to the shearling-like lining in this coat, along with the long length (and the hood!) I love that it’s long so it’s the perfect thing to pair with leggings as well as jeans or joggers. It is SO totally cozy and warm, and I love the way it looks paired not only with sneakers, but with cute boots! Whether your favorite pair of UGGS or a shearling boot like these that are crazy popular this season! I’m completely in love with this See by Chloé pair that I’m wearing, and I’m so glad I decided to splurge a little on them as I’ve already gotten so much use out of them. If you love them too, I also found an IDENTICAL pair under $100 here. Such a good find you guys, and they come in two colors too! Don’t wait to grab yourself a this style are flying out of stock this season! I also just bought this UGG pair that I’m also obsessed with! This coat would also make a great piece to travel in, and you might just see me in it on my upcoming travels to somewhere cold in a few weeks! 😉 Stay tuned for my post in a few days announcing where I’m headed…can’t wait to share!

Xo, Rach

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter Survival Tips

winter survival tips rachel puccetti between two coasts silk sleep mask rachel puccetti between two coasts winter reading rachel puccetti between two coasts winter skincare favorites rachel puccetti pink silk sleep mask rachel puccetti

Winter, why ya gotta be so cold!? Does anyone else find that January and February can be the longest months ever? The holidays are over, I am so anxious for spring and warm sunshine, and we’re stuck in the dead of winter. For what seems like forever. As I write this it’s currently snowy outside with a wind chill of -17. Not cool, winter. Not only is it freezing outside, but it’s a constant battle trying to stay healthy….and sane. Lol! I had posted a poll on Instagram Stories if you all wanted me to share some of my winter survival tips, and it was a 100% “Yes, save me!” response. I thought that was too funny, haha! At least I’m not the only one struggling through winter this year. So today I am here to share a few winter survival tips that have helped me get through long winter days!

1. Purchase yourself a humidifier for your room if you don’t already have one!! This is seriously my number one tip. When it feels like Antarctica outside, my first instinct is to crank up the heat inside to 85, but all that heat can make your house SO.DRY. Earlier this month my mom and little sister got pretty sick with bad coughs, and both ended up getting humidifiers in their rooms to help combat the dryness and make it easier to breathe/less coughing, and it made a world of difference! I ended up getting one for my room too and I can’t live without it now. Especially at night. I leave it running while I’m sleeping, and wake up feeling much more refreshed, whereas before I would wake up feeling so incredibly dryed out. Humidifiers can also help you stay healthy during these dry months, as viruses don’t travel well in air that is moist. I use this one from Target!

2. Use an essential oil diffuser. If you aren’t already familiar with all of the benefits and uses for essentials oils, you could read endless articles about them! There are a million and one ways to use essential oils, whether it’s diffusing them, consuming them, for health benefits/treatments, etc. I purchased this diffuser for my room, and have really enjoyed finding new oils/blends to diffuse! It’s also such a cute little diffuser and it’s on sale for only $30! It has time adjustment settings and different light settings which are great for at night while you’re sleeping. I wanted to quickly share a few of the oils I’ve been using lately. I haven’t even begun to really get into all the different oils/blends and all of their uses, but these are 3 that I love to keep it simple for you!

Peppermint. Not only is it a refreshing and soothing scent to diffuse, but it also has great health benefits. It can help with concentration, respiratory relief, headaches, nausea, muscle/joint pain and many others. This is always my go-to whenever I come down with the dreaded stomach bug, as it can greatly help with nausea and makes such a difference for me! It’s also what my mom diffused to help with her bronchitis. PS- I am no expert by any means (haha!), so always be careful when wanting to topically apply or consume essential oils. Here is an interesting article about all of the different uses if you’re interested!

Gentle Baby. I had seen a lot of people talking about this oil on Instagram/blogs, and got it in my stocking for Christmas to try out! While I may not be a mom, this is still such a soft and calming oil to diffuse! Not only do I love the gentle scent, but it’s also very calming and great if you have stress. I like to diffuse this one while I’m sleeping or working!

Thieves. This is one that my sister got and we’ve been trying it out. We had heard of so many people that swear by it when it comes to supporting your immune system and keeping germs at bay. There is actually a super interesting story behind this oil that you can read here! This oil can be used for immune health, killing germs, and I’ve even seen Thieves cough drops and home cleaners/disinfectants.

3. Silk sleep mask/pillowcase. I’ve recently started using these and they really are so helpful, especially during the winter! Silk pillowcases/sleep masks are used for anti-aging, avoiding creases/wrinkles, and are great for your hair and skin. They keep your hair silky and not tangled, and don’t absorb your hair and face products or moisture. All of these benefits are especially helpful during the winter when things are already extra dry and there is so much static!

4. Face and Body Moisturizers. This one is an obvious tip during the winter, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites!

– For my lips the two main products I use are Aquaphor and Lanolips. I am sure many of you have used Aquaphor before, and it’s a product that I always have to have on hand! Not only is it one of the best moisturizers for your lips, but it also can be used a bunch of other ways. You can use it for minor burns/irritations, it’s the best thing to use when you get those painful cracks in your hands/feet, or under your nose when you have a cold and your nose burns from using so many tissues! Lanolips is another lip product that I’m sure you’ve heard me mention on Instagram before. The lanolin is so wonderful for hydration and leaves my lips feeling so smooth! I also love the banana and lemonade flavors, haha!

– Body Lotion. I love the Kiehl’s Creme de Corps for my whole body, and this Gold Bond healing cream is without a doubt the best hand lotion I’ve ever tried. It’s also pretty inexpensive and you can purchase it just about anywhere. I am pretty picky about my lotions, and can’t stand when I put hand lotion on and it leaves my hands feeling greasy or sticky. I end up washing it right off, haha! I also hate when I put lotion on, and it doesn’t seem to soak in and get rid of the dryness. This Gold Bond lotion is for real the only lotion that I will use on my hands, as it soaks right in, leaves them feeling so soft and smooth, and it feels like there’s nothing there once you rub it in!

– For my face there are three products that I’ve currently been using a lot. Let me start out with saying that my skin has not been reacting well to the cold this year for some reason. You may have heard me mention on IG Stories, but I’ve been getting these horrible dry, red patches on my face. They tend to burn and puff up, and get worse anytime I go outside into the cold. Awesome, right? Haha. I have tried SO many products and have found these few to work the best. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray is one of my favorites. I spray it on generously throughout the day and before I go to bed, and can even be used to set your makeup. It’s so refreshing and soothing. This Kiehl’s Deep Moisturizing Balm has also helped save my face. It had great reviews from people who live in the Northeast with brutal winters. If you have super dry skin, I would check this product out! Just like it’s called, it really has helped to deep moisturize my dry patches. The one other product that has drastically helped is Eucerin Eczema relief cream. This is another drugstore product that’s easy to find, and has really helped reduce the redness and irritation on my face.

5. Find good books to read! I absolutely love reading, especially mysteries and psychological thrillers, and I always reach for a book when I’m stuck inside on long winter days. I feel much better when I’ve passed a few hours reading, rather than staring at my phone or computer screen. If you’re looking for book ideas and like some of the same types of books I do, I shared a book review here

6.  DRINK WATER! This has never been a struggle for me as water is about all I drink. You may not know this about me, but I HATE soda. Actually both my sisters and I do, so weird, I know! I drink juice and a few other things here and there, but on average drink well over 100oz. of water a day. I think the recommended amount is about an ounce for every pound you weigh. I know some people don’t enjoy drinking water, but I promise you will notice the benefits especially during the winter! It helps flush toxins and boosts your immunity, helps with your skin and hair, prevents headaches, hydration (of course), etc. All the things you need a little extra help with in the winter. Try adding lemon or fruit if you need some extra encouragement!

My last and final survival tip? Give up on winter and move to the beach. HA! For real, though.

Sorry that this post turned out so long, but I truly hope that you find some of these tips helpful!! Winter can be a long haul, so if you have any winter survival tips, please share them below with everyone! Xo, Rachel

Friday, January 12, 2018

How I Organize My Makeup

how i organize my makeup rachel puccetti between two coasts acrylic makeup organizer rachel puccetti between two coasts makeup organizer drawers rachel puccetti between two coasts container store acrylic makeup organizer rachel puccettiHello Friday! It’s so good to see you! I’m excited to be kicking off the weekend with a fun and highly requested post! I often get asked how I organize my makeup, and today I’m going to share exactly what I use to keep it all organized!

For beauty lovers like myself, you’ll understand that all of those trips to Sephora for “just one thing”, or a little late night online shopping can quickly add up to drawers packed full of precious beauty products! Tell me I’m not the only one who feels like they found buried treasure when you rediscover a product in the back of your drawer that you totally forgot you bought? Lol! A few months ago I decided that I finally wanted to get it all organized and sorted out, making it easier to access and not forget what I had! Plus, so many beauty products come in such pretty packing, so it’s nice to be able to see it on display!

I had seen pretty acrylic makeup organizers on Pinterest, and knew that I wanted to find the perfect set to put on my dresser or vanity. I was familiar with and loved the idea of GLAMboxes, but they were a little pricey for how many I wanted, so I kept searching for something similar. That’s when I came across the Luxe Acrylic Modular Storage at the Container Store. They were practically identical to the GLAMboxes, but much more affordable and you could build your own set with so many different sizes and pieces to choose from! They do all different size drawers, trays, inserts/dividers, and risers to set on top! I was a happy girl, haha! I ended up putting together a set that had exactly what I needed, and organizes all of my makeup perfectly. And looks pretty too!

As you can see in the photos above, I went with two of the large drawers (which are actually a little thicker now than the ones I have in these pics which is nice, but same price still!) 1 medium drawer next to two small drawers, and two medium short drawers. The nice thing is that all of their drawers stack perfectly on top of each other. For example, two medium drawers side by side will fit on top of one large drawer, etc. If you have limited space in your room/bathroom, you could just use the medium/small drawers to make a taller, skinnier stack rather than adding in the large ones for a wider stack! I can’t think of a better way to organize your makeup, especially if you live in an apartment, dorm, have limited storage space, etc! You can also use these for hair accessories, jewelry, desk supplies and all sorts of things! Click here to see these luxe acrylic stacking pieces, and click here to see all of their acrylic makeup storage pieces.

I love that the drawers are clear so that you can see exactly where everything is and what you have. It’s so easy to find the lipstick I’m looking for (can you tell I hoard them, lol!) by being able to see the labels. I have a drawer specifically for face masks, my nail polishes in the small drawers, beauty samples I’ve collected and lip liners in another drawer and hair products and face creams in the bottom drawer. On top I set things like perfume, makeup brushes, my most used products and my 24-lipstick riser (only $6.99)! Since organizing my makeup with these, I find that I use a lot more of my products because I can see everything neatly displayed and not forget what I have! It’s freed up drawers in my vanity and gotten rid of clutter. Plus, it’s easy access right on my dresser so that I’m more likely to use everything, and looks really pretty too!! I actually had fun organizing and going through everything, and love that I can always go back and grab more drawers if I need to. Because let’s face it, the addiction is real and my makeup collection is ever-growing, especially my lipsticks, haha!

I will wrap this post up now, but I wanted to mention one more quick thing! These organizers make the BEST gifts for any woman you know that loves makeup, jewelry etc. You can build a set just for her, and she always has the option to go back and add more on. If you know someone going to college, or moving into a new apartment, or just needs a little help organizing ;), these are a great go-to. For Christmas this year, we put together a set for my mom because she loved mine and my sister’s so much. We filled it up with some of her favorite beauty products and travel size items which was such a fun way to complete the gift!

So that is how I organize my makeup! I hope that this answered some of your questions and that you found this helpful! I would LOVE to hear if you give these organizers a try, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions! Stay tuned for many more posts to come on my favorite beauty products + what’s in my makeup bag! LMK if you have any requests you’d like to see! 🙂

XO, Rachel

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Athleisure for the New Year

athleisure outfit rachel puccetti between two coastsathleisure style rachel puccetti between two coastsathleisure for the new year rachel puccettiJacket: Zella, Leggings: Zella, Shoes: Adidas, Hat: Free People (sold out), Bag: Chanel, Sunnies: DIFF, Lips: Lipstick- Brave

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I am so glad to be back into the groove of things, and ready to take on 2018! I hope you all have had a wonderful start to your new year so far! I’ve been a little quiet around here lately due to a slightly slow start to January. It was so nice to unplug and relax a bit after Christmas, which then turned into trying to stay healthy and fighting the unbearable cold weather! Winter has been brutal this year, haha!

All that aside, I am SO excited for all that 2018 holds, and I can’t wait to share some exciting things with you all this year! I am so incredibly grateful for all of your support in 2017, and I hope to continue to grow this community that I love so much throughout 2018! You all are the reason why what I do is possible, and why I love it so much!

With a new year comes new goals, and one of mine is to put fitness first and run a half-marathon by the end of the year! During these cold winter months, I find that I need all the motivation that I can get, and to be honest, cute workout wear and new gear definitely make a difference! Are any of you the same way? The athleisure trend is one that I will never tire of, and definitely makes life easier during the winter. One of my latest obsessions is this cozy, chalet faux-shearling coat! It is honestly so snuggly, and also effortless. The one thing that instantly sold me on this coat, other than the fact that it is SO cute, is that it’s long! It’s the perfect thing to wear with leggings and joggers, and can even be worn with jeans and booties! This coat will get you from gym to street! Whether you’re headed to spin class, running to the store, or trying to tackle your to-do list while still looking cute enough to grab lunch with friends, this coat is for you! It would also make a great layer for traveling.

What are some of your favorite ways to style the athleisure trend?

I would love to hear what some of your goals are for 2018! I absolutely LOVE hearing from each and every one of you, and I hope that this is a space you always enjoy coming to. I appreciate every single “like”, comment, sweet message and question asked! If there is every any questions you have, things you’d like to see more/less of, post suggestions, or you just want to chat and introduce yourself, please don’t hesitate! I love getting to know you all, and want to post content that you want to see! 🙂 You can always email, comment here or on Instagram (@rachelpuccetti), or send me a DM on Insta!

Xo, Rachel

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017

christmas time rachel puccetti between two coasts merry christmas 2017 rachel puccetti between two coasts christmas outfit 2017 rachel puccetti between two coasts christmas card photo rachel puccetti between two coastsJacket: J.Crew, Scarf: Topshop, Hat: KyiKyi, Boots: J.Crew (love these & these), Sweater: J.Crew (love this one & wearing this one today!), Sunnies: Karen Walker, Lips: Lipstick- MAC Red, Liner- Cherry

Wish a very Merry Christmas 2017 to you and yours! I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed day with the ones you love most! I have so much to be thankful for today and everyday, including each and every one of you! We woke up to snow yesterday, and it was so magical. My little reindeer and I were dashing through the snow all day long!

Merry Christmas!

Love, Rachel

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Favorite Camo Things

favorite camo things winter style rachel puccetti between two coasts favorite camo things rachel puccetti between two coastsSweater: Halogen, Vest: J.Crew (old), Bag: Gucci, Hat: KyiKyi, Boots: Marc Fisher, Sunnies: DIFF, Lips: Lipstick- Anna

Happy Saturday everyone! One of my current favorite trends right now is camo print, and I’ve loved finding ways to style it for the winter! Whether its joggers, a cute jacket, or a cozy sweatshirt, there are so many fun pieces to choose from right now. Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite camo things with you all that are on my shopping list! Which one is your favorite?

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas weekend spent with the ones you love! Xo, Rachel

Monday, December 18, 2017

Merry Moto Christmas

merry moto christmas rachel puccetti between two coasts moto jacket and scarf rachel puccetti between two coasts moto jacket winter outfit rachel puccettiJacket: BlankNYC, Sweater: J.Crew (old, love this one), Scarf: Free People, Hat: BP., Bag: Gucci, Sunnies: Chloé, Boots: Marc Fisher, Lips: Lipstick- Anna

We’re officially one week from Christmas! I am trying to soak up every bit of this holiday season, it will always be the best time of the year! I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my gifts, and if there’s one gift that would be perfect for any of the girls on your list, it would be a moto jacket! Make it a merry moto Christmas!

There are endless ways you can style a moto jacket, whether it’s with joggers, denim & heels, a feminine dress underneath, or bundled up with a sweater and scarf. You really can’t go wrong. BlankNYC makes some of the BEST jackets, and right now they have so many good ones to choose from. Seriously, I wanted to add every single one of them to my bag as I was scrolling though, haha! They always have the coolest styles, great quality (real suede!) and are affordable! They would be the perfect last minute gift, and you still have time for free shipping and Christmas delivery! I linked all of my favs down below!

Which one is you favorite?

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Room Decor + Favorite Netflix Christmas Movies

christmas room decor inspiration rachel puccetti between two coasts christmas bedding rachel puccetti between two coasts flocked christmas tree decor rachel puccetti favorite netflix christmas movies rachel puccetti between two coasts christmas decor home inspiration rachel puccetti christmas bedding inspiration rachel puccetti between two coasts

Duvet Cover: Nordstrom, Pajamas: PJ Salvage, Beanie: BP., Candle: these are my favorite, Glass Trees: similar here, and here, Garland: identical here, Headboard: Target, Rug: Target, Lamps: Target, Plaid Blanket: HomeGoods, Pillows: HomeGoods, Tree: HomeGoods, Nightstands: Joss & Main (also love these!)

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend so far, and maybe even enjoying some snow where you are (I’m so jealous!!) This weekend I’ll be staying cozy at home watching movies with my big Christmas tin of popcorn, baking sugar cookies, and helping my mom finish her gift wrapping…I already finished mine (see my highly requested gift wrapping post here!)

Today I wanted to share my Christmas room decor with you all. There’s nothing I love more than decorating for Christmas, and I wish the season would never end! I want my room to stay this cozy and festive forever! Ruby sure loves it too 😉 Notice her sound asleep on her favorite spot on my bed. Along with a cozy room comes snuggling up with Christmas movies, so I also wanted to include my 10 favorite Christmas movies on Netflix! Perfect timing just in case you’re wanting to have a movie marathon this weekend, ha! This is where you’ll find me this weekend with that tin of popcorn. It’s Topsy’s, a KC company that’s been around for a long time, and every year we get a big Christmas tin! It’s seriously the best popcorn you’ll ever have, even Ruby is obsessed and tries to sneak a piece any time she can!

– How The Grinch Stole Christmas

– The Santa Clause

 – The Santa Clause 2

– The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

– A Christmas Prince

– Christmas Inheritance

– 12 Dates of Christmas

– A Christmas Kiss

What are your favorite Christmas movies? Share them below in the comments! Xo, Rach

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Travel Gift Guide + What’s In My Bag

  • travel gift guide 2017 rachel puccetti between two coasts barrington gifts travel gift guide rachel puccetti between two coasts whats in my bag travel essentials rachel puccetti
  • Oribe Dry Texturing Spray– this is one of my all-time favorite hair products, plus it smells soo good, haha! When you’re in a different country/state the weather and the water can do funny things to your hair, so I always like to have a dependable hair product on hand. This one is travel size too!
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir– I fell in love with this product after bringing it home from Paris with me! You can spray it on your face throughout the day for a quick refresh, or even to set your makeup. I can’t travel without this! Traveling, especially flying, can really suck the moisture out of your face, and this spray really helps.
  • Lanolips– my #1 lip product! The lanolin in this lip balm does amazing things for your lips, and keeps them smooth and moisturized. Plus, it tastes good too, ha! Like the Caudalie spray, I HAVE to have a good lip balm with me on flights, and this is my favorite.
  • YSL ‘Mon Paris’ Perfume– I always carry a travel size perfume with me when traveling, and this scent is so yummy!
  • Peter Thomas Roth Cloud Cream– never travel without a good facial moisturizer in your cosmetic bag. As I mentioned above, traveling/flying can really leave your skin feeling dry, so I always make sure to pack my favorite moisturizers. This Cloud Cream is my current favorite, and is incredibly light and refreshing! It also comes in a travel set here with the face wash which I love too!

All of these items would make great stocking stuffers for someone who travels!

travel gift guide rachel puccetti between two coasts1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Today’s post is all about the jetsetter! If you have someone on your Christmas list that loves to see the world, I put together a travel gift guide that features some of my must-have travel essentials! I also get asked what’s in my bag, and what beauty products I always travel with, so I am sharing my top 5 items that are in my cosmetic bag while traveling!

Last Christmas I received these Barrington Gifts luggage items, and I am absolutely obsessed!  Whether you’re a frequent flyer, a girl on the go, or enjoy taking weekend trips, these are a MUST! They have come with me to Paris, New York, weekend getaways, and my next international vacation in March! The duffle bag is the perfect carry-on for flights, or for a weekend away, and the tote bag carries all of my necessities/tech items to keep with me under my seat on flights! Passport covers are just SO cute, and this one kept my passport, boarding passes, cards, etc together & secure. The cosmetic bag is a recent addition to my collection, and I’m so in love with it! It’s nice and roomy, and holds everything I need to take with me.

I couldn’t think of a better personalized gift than these Barrington Gifts items. There are so many different items to choose from, and they are totally customizable. All of the patterns and  color combos are so cute, and I love that some of the prints (like mine) look like designer bags, but are much more affordable (and durable in my opinion!) Whether for traveling, work, school or just everyday use, these bags are so useful and stylish! We are getting so close to Christmas, so be sure to go order NOW and make sure to check the Christmas delivery dates or expedited shipping!

I wanted to highlight a few of the items for you…

  • #1 Luggage- Cute luggage is a must-have (hello travel Instagram, lol!) Calpak makes the cutest luggage, and it’s also relatively affordable compared to other brands. This luggage set would make such a great gift.
  • #12 Headphones- I can’t recommend a great pair of headphones enough for traveling. These Bose ones may seem pricey, but if you’re a frequent flyer, these are worth every penny. Not only is the sound great, but they are noise cancelling as well, to help cancel out a noisy plane/airport, the drone of the plane engine, and also if you’re trying to sleep!  These are wireless as well!
  • #10 Travel Adapter- this is a must-have for international travel, and will adapt to the plugs of so many different countries/continents. I couldn’t have gone without this in Paris, and it’s also under $50. This is NOT a converter, those are more tricky. For Apple product plugs, or anything that is already the proper voltage for the country, this will just adapt the different plugs. It also has USB ports for extra phone charging.
  • #14 Mophie Portable Charger- this is another travel item that I can NOT travel without. Long days of traveling around the city/days spent in airports, you are going to need a recharge! This one will hold multiple charges, and is one of the best out there!

I hope that you found this post helpful, and got some great gift ideas, or even gifts for yourself 😉 Be sure to get ordering, there are only so many days left for Christmas delivery! Xo, Rachel

Monday, December 11, 2017

Top 10 Favorite Winter Lipsticks

favorite winter lipsticks rachel puccetti between two coasts

top 10 favorite winter lipsticks rachel puccetti between two coasts

Coat: J.Crew, Lipstick- Amorous

If you’ve been following for awhile now, you know how much I love lipstick! It’s one of my absolute favorite beauty products to wear and buy. I get asked a lot of questions about which ones I’m wearing, and which are my favorite, so today I wanted to share my top 10 favorite winter lipsticks with you all! With all of the holiday parties, Christmas photos, and winter attire, there is a lipstick for every occasion!

1. MAC Red– My all-time favorite true red lipstick (blue tone)

2. Savage Matte– the perfect raspberry pink color. The BEST liquid lipstick I’ve ever used.

3. Russian Doll– a gorgeous pinky, red lipstick

4. Kim K.W.– the perfect nude lipstick

5. Captive– one of my favorite everyday shades

6. Creme Cup– the best pinky, nude lipstick

7. #13– my favorite red lipstick when I need something a little more orangey than MAC Red.

8. Amorous– the prettiest, plum for fall/winter

9. Anna– one of my newest favorite shades!

10. Spicy Metal– has such a pretty sparkle for the holidays. The same liquid lipstick as ‘Savage Matte’

Whether you’re looking for the perfect red lipstick for Christmas, a great jewel tone for the winter season, or just the perfect everyday nude, one of these will definitely be a winner! Lipstick also makes for a great gift for a beauty-lover on your list, and such a fun stocking stuffer too!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! I’d love to hear your request for future beauty posts! What are some of you favorite winter lipsticks? Xo, Rachel